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Nissan D21 camper van motorhome romahome demountable off grid rare barn find 4x4
LocationNewcastle under Lyme
BIN Price£6600.0
Start20/09/21 11:38 PM
End20/10/21 11:38 PM
Rare Nissan D21 Camper van & last one in existence 4 berth This is a rare opportunity to purchase my mk1 Nissan D21 2.5d 4 berth pick up truck / motorhome / campervan X3 seater bench seat up front inside the cab with x3 seat belts MOT until the end of April 2022 It was made by a company in Middlesborough and is known as a margrove. (A fixed back motorhome) it’s not a detachable or demountable like others similar. Extremely genuine low milage fit it’s age at 61.946 miles. Iv been told by a few members on a forum that this could be the last one in existence. Not many were made and none have hit the open market since they can remember so don’t miss up on the chance to own a little bit of history. The pick up truck alone is rare on its own as you just don’t see many d21’s for sale much at all. Iv been a fan of nissans for some time now and wanted this for my collection but as I have far to many vehicles at the moment and ongoing projects and not enough room for them all so I’m down sizing my Nissan collection, check out some of my other nissans I have for sale too. I don’t no where to start with this. But I’ll try my best. Externally for its age the body work is very straight and in good condition. Tiny bit of rust at the bottom of the front wings but very easily repaired if your wanting it to look perfect and also rear driver side of the camper looks like its had a dent removed from it as can still se abit of a crease mark but only very small. Got to remember it’s 26 years old and all original. Genuine original paint from the factory so it may be a little faded for it’s age but nothing a good machine polish wouldn’t sort out. X4 genuine original Nissan steel wheels. Original Am/fm radio and cassette player It has a 2.5 Diesel engine which starts first turn of the key. Really smooth and looks as if it’s been well looked after by the previous owner and also regularly serviced but as it’s been standing I would recommend you do your own service on it to be on the safe side. 5 speed 2wd manual gear box. I bought this on the intention of using it for some family fun but truth is my children are really young and it would be a good few years before there ready for camping trips so think it’s time to let some one else enjoy it and use it to its full potential. Rear of the campervan seems really straight and most importantly it’s water tight. No leaks what so ever. The rear of the campervan it’s totally original which is the best I like about it. Exactly how it was when it came out of the factory and you can tell it’s been someone’s pride and joy as you think it was fitted last year let alone 26 years ago. All the curtains and upholstery are original. No rips or tears. Its a 2 up 2 down 4 berth with a double bed above the cab and also the sofa turns into a double bed. You use the dining table for the base of the bed to allow it to turn into a double bed very quickly and easily in seconds. Both beds allow me lie down straight width ways with a few inches to spare and I’m 6 foot tall. So plenty of room to have a good night sleep. It has a separate room for toilet and hand basin. Very private for when you need to use the W/c and also has running water linked to a onboard water tank. It has its own 240v hook up point and a it’s own switched fuses circuit breaker switch board and also on board 240v plug sockets and lights. It has it a cooking hob and grille which is linked up to a gas bottle. And also has a mini built in oven that works of the 240v power. Has a small kitchen sink with running water of the on board water tank. It has a small portable refrigerator on board to keep all your food and drinks chilled. Also as a fixed gas wall heater inside the back to keep you warm on then colder nights. 240v hook up cable also included to connect to power on camp sites. Plenty of internal storage units along the top of both sides of the camper and also a small wardrobe for hanging your clothes up in. Has a detachable dining table for somewhere to sit and eat your dinner from. Also has a ladder to allow easier access to the top double bed. Also has a t.v arial point inside. Has a half open barn door on the rear. Water tank is located on the outside ready to be filled up to last you on your camping trips. Iv never had the pleasure of using it unfortunately as it was delivered to my business premises so I would suggest you get all of the above tested just to be on the safe side. We’ve checked that it all works but not had any professionals to check it over or pass it off so please do before going camping in it. It’s currently sorn so will need to be taxed before driven away or trailered. We had it deivered on a flat bed recovery truck as it was all the way up in Scotland. We’ve driven it around our industrial estate on a weekly basis and everything works as it should but Iv never driven it more than a few hundred mtrs away from my business premises as it as always been sorn in my possession and it has been standing but been regularly started at least twice a week so please come and make your own checks before driving it away. All the breaks work fine but honestly not sure when it was last properly used. More than welcome to come and view it at my premises in stoke on Trent at any time and someone will be there to show you around it. It has x2 keys. And also all the keys for the back of it ect. Owners manual and some old receipts. And also the V5 in my name. Cash on collection basis or bank transfer only. No pay pal. Collection from stoke on Trent. Payment need to be made before the vehicle leaves. You may never see one of these on the market again so don’t miss up the chance to own a bit of motorhome history and stand out from the crown at the camp sites. Any questions please ask and I’ll try my best to answer them as honest as I can. Good luck. Thanks for reading. Dan
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