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VW Crafter Hi Spec Stealth Camper Van MWB 2013 High Roof
(Webasto, MaxxAir, Whale, Dometic etc) Fast + Efficient
Min Bid£3200.0
BIN Price£
Start12/10/21 8:08 PM
End22/10/21 8:08 PM
MOT - 14th July 2022V5 - PresentVAT Included. 1. Professional Webasto Airtop Diesel Heater (£957 paid)(2 Years old) - Perfect working condition. Rapidly creates heat and can be set to maintain temperature. Any weather becomes completely comfortable. 2. Maxx Air Fan Deluxe (£330 paid) (Less than 1 Year old) – Perfect working conditionComes with remote control to set temperature - can blow air in or out. Superb bit of kit. 3. 2 x 250W Solar Panels (£450 paid) 500W Total. A lot more than almost any other camper van. A lot of time went into getting top quality panels and the most wattage and quality for the roof space. (Less than 1 Year old) – Perfect working condition 4. High Spec Solar Charge Controller MPPT (£210 paid) (Less than 1 Year old) – Perfect working condition ( solar-charge-controller-for-solar-panels-up-to-625W-12V--1250W-24V--1875W-36V--2500W-48V-up-to-150V.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw7diEBhB-EiwAskVi173Ihpb3OVxNbdCHc1NYLF5PiZ1bCR5AUWElBAsyorZGfZGCseHqGhoCI8cQAvD_BwE) 5. Sterling Split Charge (Top Spec) (£170 paid) .Charges the batteries when driving. (Less than 1 Year old) – Perfect working condition( 6. 2x 220AH AGM Leisure Batteries (£620 paid) High spec/ High capacity batteries.(Less than 1 Year old) – Perfect working condition ( 7. Whale Hot Water Heater Gas + Electric (Only Gas connected) (£800 ish)(Less than 1 Year old) – Perfect working condition. Water heats up for shower in less than 10 minutes. ( 8. Professionally fitted underslung gas tank and manifold (£1000)(Less than 1 Year old) – Perfect working condition- Underslung gas tank to reduce space connected to the hot water heater and with a connection for an oven (oven taken away for use elsewhere). 3 connection points to use, saving a lot on bottled gas and very convenient. 9. Shower (Hot). (£150)Mira shower works although leaks from the shower hose and needs a new shower hose. Can be demonstrated and used however leak does need to be fixed. Having a hot shower (drains out the bottom of van (can place container to collect)). This is a massive luxury and having the fan to extract air while taking a very hot shower is an amazing benefit. 10. Dometic Top of the Range Fridge/Freezer 12V (£679)(Less than 1 Year old) – Perfect working condition. ( 11. Whale Water pump (cant remember the model) (£150 ish)Less than 1 Year old) – Perfect working condition. Could easily run a pipe from this /shower system and have hot and cold taps with current set up. -Van is insulated with Thermal Blanket about 4 rolls of YBS Superquilt (£400) The other parts of the van more difficult to reach are done with a standard insulation foil.( Additional: - Newly fitted main starter battery (£150)-Includes power inverter to create a 240v plug for laptop etc though USB plugs are also fitted for charging smaller items -Includes unit to measure battery charge and a unit (in the van) to see the level of gas in the tank underneath -Storage cupboards where the flap to the storage folds up to make a basic table enough to support laptop/tablet etc. - Comes with sink (not plumbed in)-Space for oven/hob etc with gas connection could easily fit-Includes fire protection equipment and smoke and carbon monoxide alarms- Also included is a cruise control kit (£150) i bought but have not got around to fitting yet -Rhino ladder for easy roof access and good fun-New aerial in the last year I love this van and I very reluctant to sell it however I need an empty van for work and cannot justify owning two crafters. It is full of top of the range equipment and would be perfect for someone who wants a one person/one couple person camper. It would also be great for someone who knows the value of all the equipment in the van and who would use what is there to make minor customisations to suit them. I purposely made this without windows (although it would be very easy to add them) as the van does not look like a camper van - I have never been asked to move on or ever drawn negative attention to me which other motorhomes tend to do when not on offcial campsites. It is very easy to pull into a lay by and look like a delivery drive/builders van etc and this is superb - especially as more people are using camper vans and not always being respectful. The ability to fly below the radar has been fantastic. The timing belt broke earlier this year which led to an almost complete engine rebuild (£3550) - so pretty much half of the engine is now brand new including new ancillaries such as new turbo, rocker cover and vacuum pump (fitted by VW). The engine always ran perfectly and now continues to do the same. Again why I am reluctant to sell as the life span i expect will now be greatly increased. I have a newer crafter which doesn't run or accelerate as well as this one (partly due to adblue/dpf/emissions i imagine). The upshot is a lot of the engine is new and its runs perfect. Which brings me onto the next point - it has been professionally remapped (£400). I did this soon after I first got it - wow what a difference. This increased the range of the tank from approx 380 miles to about 420 (max 450). iIt added fuel efficiency while also increasing the ability to accelerate. If you put your foot down in this it really pulls for a van. The remap made it faster and more fuel efficient... amazing. So worth it! Imperfections- -The van has some scratches on the bonnet (small scratches spanning about the area of an open hand) Could be made to look much better with some t cut.-Paint chipped/peeled in an area about the size of 2x 50p pieces on bonnet although primer underneath all still in tact -Dent at the back of sliding door at the side and a dent at the bottom of the ladder on the back - A few minor rust points around the vehicle though many less than other vans of its age (have all been treated with anti rust etc)- One back door works perfectly the one which open into the back of the shower need help to open/can be faulty - The side door sometimes locks perfectly with central locking sometimes doesn't although it can be made secure/effectively locked with a knack I will demonstrate (why i never fixed it as sometime lock works and if not you can do something which effectively locks it so never a major concern) I have always changed the oil and filters every 10,000 miles and kept on top of all maintenance to ensure its great running condition (I am a bit obsessive of this kind of thing) so I am confident I have looked after it to an excellent standard. I will accept either paypal, cash or bank transfer. If you have any questions or wish to call me regarding the van please do! All the best, Stu 07387575991
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