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1997 toyota hiace campervan
Min Bid£2750.0
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Start15/09/21 11:39 AM
End15/09/21 3:18 PM
Hi, and welcome to my auction/essay. Here I have for sale my project that I just dont have time for, I have many more pics that I can send but ebay would only let me put 12 on, I am happy to send more via email or whatsapp on request, So here we go, 1997 toyota hiace camper van (Colin), MOT'd until 01/02/2022 Milage is questionable, last time I saw the reading I think it was around 230,000 but as it is an import the first 120,000 was in Km not Miles, dont know if this is correct of not. Surprisingly cheap to insure, V5 Present but only one key available, I'm sure it has remote locking but the previous owner has lost the spare key with the remote fob, 3.0L Engine and gearbox are sound, pulls like a train, still in daily use, drives really nice and very comfy. will be missed but needs someone who can give it the time and effort that I can't at the moment, will make someone a nice van. Inside there is a fridge/freezer that makes stuff cold and a cooker that makes stuff hot, I have run the fridge from the mains and the leisure battery but I believe that the battery could do with replacing, the battery charger does work but battery does not hold voltage for too long, the tap on the sink works from an external pump, but as the one that came with the van was knackered I have borrowed a pump from someone just to show the tap switch works, you'll need one of them, these are available from most caravan dealers. There is a 240v socket inside that works from the mains, Exterior is tatty at best, there are several little dings and scrapes all over and a major ding on the sliding door, still works though,and the tailgate is suffering from rust that'll certainly need looking at, there is paint fade in more places than I can count so a full respray wouldn't go a miss. The electric sliding door works as it should and so does the rear electric close on the tailgate, this does not close the tailgate fully but just makes sure that it is closed properly The roof raises to make more room inside and the canvas is in good condition with no rips of tears, there is a window panel that has a flynet on it. Needs a new exhaust, the rear section recenty decided it didnt want to stay connected to the rest any more and abandoned ship, I took it exhaust centre and they advised me that it needs an exhaust from the down pipe all the way back, I have the disconnected piece if you would like to redneck it back on like the previous owner did. vehicle is still driveable as is not too noisy. There is a small crack in one of the tail lights Passenger side wing mirror glass in held together with celotape, this was me avoiding a cat, It needs a new ignition barrel as the key sometimes needs to be taken out and put back in before it will turn, rarely but it happens, I also believe that the ignition swith is the cause of the instrument panel lights not working, they sometimes flick on when the key is turned but no longer stay on, nor does the milage display, Considering they are 24yrs old the seats are in surprisingly good condition, only one small burn on the drivers seat about the size of a match head, The rear seats fold down flatish and along with a low freestanding table make a bed, the table can also be used as a bench, there is also a taller table the hooks onto a rail by the sink/cooker. The front seats spin around to face the back but I can only get the passenger one to turn, the electric recline on the drivers seat does not work, dont know why but I think this may be the reason I cannot spin the drivers seat Previous owners dog has chewed the rear internal light off. There are powered curtains on all the rear windows, they do not all work and the ones that do work are tempromental s ill say they dont work correctly. I have put in LED headlight bulbs, I'm told due to the lower resistance it has caused the main beam light on the instrument panel to not light up, the lights are brighter on low beam but a little dimmer than the old bulbs on high beam, but they look better, I have the old bulbs if you would like to put them back, Tyres,Rears are fine, loads of life left, fronts dont have too long to go as the tracking has not done corectly, and they are not the right size 195 instead of 205, the wheelnuts on the front need throwing away when the tyres are changed and new ones come with the van. The wheels are all in need of refurbishment, Does sometimes make a clunking noise on full left lock. Heater gets nice and hot but aircon needs regassing. I have installed an android powered stereo that has sat nav and bluetooth/wifi connectability, There is a tow bar fitted but I think the 7 pin plug needs some attention as doesnt always work, I have only towed a light trailer with it, The rear fog light has seen better days, as this is an imported vehicle this is a bolted on one as these are not required in Japan. Viewing encouraged, I am open to offers but the starting price is the absolute lowest I will take so please dont waste my time and yours by offering lower, feel free to offer much higher if you want, I will not be offended, With a bit of money, time and effort this van could be worth a lot more than i'm asking for it. As I am confident with the vehicle I would be happy to deliver it anywhere in the country, at buyers cost, 20p per mile plus train ticket home. this would obviously have to be paid in advance of delivery along with a small deposit. I have tried to be as honest as I can but I may have missed something minor, as there are a few issues with the vehicle I am selling as a spares or repairs project, and so does not come with and kind of warranty at all. If you've made it this far thank you for taking the time to read my advert, please feel free to ask as many question as you need to, Nearly full gas bottle and mains lead included happy bidding Mark
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