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EURAMOBIL 5 Berth Motorhome
LHD 71K Miles model 590 DSS
Min Bid£5600.0
BIN Price£
Start13/09/21 3:35 PM
End20/09/21 3:35 PM
This is our Euromobil Motorhome, It has blown air Heating, on board water and waste tanks, an electric step, a bike rack, and a 3 way fridge. its a 5 berth, Two doubles and a single, however the above cab bed is around 7 foot, so three small children could easily sleep there, We have owned it since 2014 & I have upgraded it every year as I expected to always own it, This year it has had a new alternator & drive belt also a new heater fan & resistor bank. 2019 it had a new power steering rack & hoses 2018 It had a new starter motor and battery, I also had the heating system renewed with a complete new burner assembly, a New gas valve and new ducts. prior to this I repanelled the inside of the motorhome & also resealed all the joints. its in good condition overall, but obviously any vehicle from 1995 will have age related bumps etc. it comes with a gas bottle, leisure battery & connection lead. We have now bought a Hymer 522 so this needs to be sold. currently the exhaust makes a noise, I believe it leaks at the cylinder head to exhaust joint. it has been doing this for 3 years, If there is no interest, I will repair this, however If I have to start stripping it, I will replace the timing belt & rollers, & also replace the cylinder head with a spare as I think the leak could be down to a poor face on the exhaust joint. To do this I have a spare cylinder head, a Gates Cam belt & rollers, a cam locking tool set, new head gasket & exhaust gaskets, new head bolts and a torque wrench for this job, however I would rather sell it for a bit less than work on it, I used to enjoy working on vehicles, but not any more, We have used it with the exhaust leak for the last few years, so the motorhome is usable, but will need doing at some point, all the above parts will be available to the new owner. I have just replaced the speedo, as the old one was purely KPH & I struggle to divide by 8 and multiply by 5 everytime I go from a 30 to a 40, the new speedo is in MPH, but reads 75K miles, the old one was 110,000 KM so the motorhome has actually done 71K miles but reads 75 K Miles, The old speedo is available, if this was to return abroad.
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