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Mazda Bongo, spares or repair
MOT failure, a welders dream.
Min Bid£840.0
BIN Price£
Start22/07/21 3:55 PM
End29/07/21 3:55 PM
This has been relisted due to the chap successfully bidding on it, then telling me a week later that he's found something closer and he wouldn't be buying mine. A bit annoying really. I'm not a trader so this is costing me, and more importantly, it's irritating the wife (please don't do this to me). If you have no intention of buying it, please don't bid. The much loved family Bongo has done its time for us, the kids are almost fully grown, when they're in the top it was like sleeping next to a herd of sheep, complete with 'funny' noises and a smell that would cause a badger to pause. Yeah, we're done. Right, serious bit. It blew the head-gasket at 90k and the whole coolent system was replaced by ADS Automotives in Bristol (about 2016) and no problems since. In fact never had any console lights. Sounds okay so far, yeah? Slow down, here comes the bad stuff. It failed its MOT in Sept 2019, we've not been able to sort it and it's in danger of becoming some sort of excessive garden sculpture. Wheel arches corroded and the end of the exhaust doesn't look too good either (mice?).It's got a few bumps and scratches from the cows to. No, I'm not making that up. No aircon, pheasant at 60mph did for that. The top does go up, yep tested, but does look like it's stained from possibly mold, although it's dry up there. Comes with a mongo slim mattress. The bongo is tatty. Sorry. Feel free to message and I'll depress you further.Note. Cannot be driven away as no MOT, it hasn't been driven in 18 months. Sold as seen. Seriously, it's not as if I've tried to sugar coat it.Collection only. One last thing, our family have had some great times in this so I love the idea that someone can take this on and do-it-up and not rip it apart. It's not beyond the capability of someone who knows what they're doing (welders and mechanics, yes, you chaps) but I'm clearly not that person. I've had a few messages from folks about a selling price for The Oversized Garden Ornament (TOGO). Solving a Rubics Cube would be easier for me than trying to value TOGO because of its condition, so I'm going to let you all decide what it's worth via the bidding.Please message if you have ANY questions about the condition, and no, the bodywork will not stop an RPG round (not tested).
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